Hall’s sausage is a recipe for success.

Red Hots

Hall’s Red Hots are the truest-to-tradition red hot on the market. These Red Hots are made with premium pork and just the right amount of seasoning with a nice finishing heat. There is no wrong way to prepare these Red Hots. Boiled, sliced and fried, or grilled, these are a favorite of young and old alike.


Hall’s Sausage is the best of a Gulf Coast tradition. Made from lean pork, specially blended spices, and finished with just the right amount of wood smoke, it adds just the right depth of flavor to any recipe and is especially suited to be paired with fresh seafood. Whether it’s the star on the plate or the perfect bit of lagniappe, Hall’s Sausage is the best choice for any dish.


Hall’s Garlic Bologna is a favorite. Seasoned well and fully cooked, it is perfect for sandwiches or as a snack with crackers. Sliced thickly and fried, it makes phenomenal sliders or filling breakfast biscuits. Wrapped in bacon and slow-smoked on the grill, it is nothing short of a delicacy! 

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