Hall’s Sausage is a time honored tradition of sausage making in Mobile, Alabama since 1945.

the history

Since 1945, Hall’s Sausage has been a mainstay in the Mobile area food industry, selling wholesale meats and making its own brand of sausage and bologna from tried and true recipes that have not changed for decades. Started by the first-generation American son of Lebanese and German immigrant parents, B E Namie began B E Namie Meats just as his father had started his general store—selling from a truck until he could afford a permanent facility. It didn’t take long for him to get his own building, which is when he put his German heritage to work making those delicious sausages, red hots and bologna.

our process

Our sausages are hand-made the old-fashioned way. We use only the best ingredients and take our time to do it right.

We feature top-notch USDA Quality control procedures at every step of the process.


We start by combining the best cuts of pork with our mix of spices passed down from generations of sausage makers.


Our cooking and smoking process ensures that the natural flavors and spices are enhanced without becoming too intense.


We lock in the freshness and flavor immediately by packing the sausage, and store under optimal temperatures to maintain freshness and quality.

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